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Sketch – Sunela Jayewardene

List of Contributors
Foreword – Sagarica Delgoda
Preface – Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
Editor’s Introduction – Asanga Welikala


Part I – Constitutional History

1. Reflections on the Making and Content of the 1972 Constitution: An Insider’s Perspective – Nihal Jayawickrama
2. The 1972 Republican Constitution of Sri Lanka in the Postcolonial Constitutional Evolution of Sri Lanka – Radhika Coomaraswamy
3. The Failure of Jennings’ Constitutional Experiment in Ceylon: How ‘Procedural Entrenchment’ led to Constitutional Revolution – Asanga Welikala
4. Buddhism and the Constitution: The Historiography and Postcolonial Politics of Section 6 – Benjamin Schonthal
5. Conflicted Solidarities? Muslims and the Constitution-making Process of 1970-72 – Farzana Haniffa
6. Sinhalaness and its Reproduction, 1232-1818 – Michael Roberts

Part II – Constitutional Theory

7. Sovereignty and the 1972 Constitution Hallie Ludsin
8. The Left and the 1972 Constitution: Marxism and State Power – Kumar David
9. A Game of Mirrors: Constitutionalism and Exceptionalism in a Context of Nationalist Hegemony – David Rampton
10. Republican Constitutionalism and Sinhalese Buddhist Nationalism in Sri Lanka: Towards an Ontological Account of the Sri Lankan State – Roshan de Silva Wijeyeratne
11. Beyond the Unitary Conception of the United Kingdom Constitution – Neil Walker
12. Parliamentary Sovereignty and Written Constitutions in Comparative Perspective – Cheryl Saunders and Anna Dziedzic
13. Sub-State Nations and the Constitutional State: Embedding Normative Principles within a Plurinational Constitution – Stephen Tierney
14. Revolutions and Institutions: Political Violence and Sri Lanka’s 1972 Constitution – David C. Williams
15. On the Republic at Forty, Culture at One-Forty – Qadri Ismail
16. Whose Nation? Power, Agency, Gender and Tamil Nationalism Ambika Satkunanathan


Part III – Constitutional Practice

17. Ethnicity, Nationhood and Pluralism – Yash Ghai
18. Democracy, Nationalism and the Nation-State – L.C. Arulpragasam
19. Fundamental Rights and the 1972 Constitution – Jayampathy Wickramaratne
20. Representation in Politics: Women and Gender in the Sri Lankan RepublicMaithree Wickramasinghe and Chulani Kodikara
21. Gender Equality in Constitutional Design: An Overview for Sri Lankan Drafters – Susan H. Williams
22. Constitution-making and Nation-building in Divided Societies – Nicholas Haysom

Part IV – Interviews and Recollections

23. The Constitutional Form of the First Republic: The Sinhala-Buddhist Perspective: An Interview with Udaya Gammanpila
24. The Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi (Federal Party) and the Post-Independence Politics of Ethnic Pluralism: Tamil Nationalism Before and After the Republic: An Interview with R. Sampanthan
25. From Federalism to Separatism: The Impact of the 1970-72 Constitution-making Exercise on Tamil Nationalism’s Ideological Transformation: An Interview with D. Sithadthan
26. Tamils of Recent Indian Origin and the Constitution-making Process of 1970-72: An Interview with P.P. Devaraj
27. Insurrection amidst Constitutional Revolution: The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the 1970-72 Constitution-making Process: An Interview with Lionel Bopage


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